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Lipika: Simplifying Accounting for You

Streamline your financial management with Lipika today and experience the difference.

Take control of your finances with Lipika, the trusted accounting software partner. From seamless invoicing to comprehensive financial reporting, our feature-rich solution simplifies your accounting tasks. Streamline your financial management with Lipika today and experience the difference.

Software Features

IRD Certified

Our IRD certified accounting software ensures compliance with tax regulations and minimizes the risk of costly penalties.

Powerful reporting

With powerful reporting capabilities, businesses can gain comprehensive insights into their financial data and make informed decisions to drive growth.

Sales Orders

Lipika enables businesses to efficiently manage and monitor the progress of their sales orders, ensuring timely fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

Track inventory in real-time

Lipika provides businesses with up-to-date information on stock levels, enabling them to optimize inventory, reduce costs, and meet customer demands effectively.

Get paid faster

Lipika facilitates streamlined payment processes, reducing payment delays, and improving cash flow for businesses.

Inventory Management

Lipika allows businesses to track and manage their inventory accurately, improve efficiency, minimize stockouts, and optimize resource allocation.

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Frequently asked questions

Cloud-based software refers to applications and services that are accessed and used over the internet, rather than being installed locally on a computer or server. It offers accessibility from any device with an internet connection, scalability to adjust resources based on demand, automatic updates, and data backup and recovery. Users can access the software through a web browser or dedicated interface, while the processing and storage of data occur on remote servers managed by the software provider or a third-party cloud service provider.

There is an initial installation charge followed by annual renewals, it suggests that software updates would be provided for a period of one year from the date of installation. To continue receiving updates and support beyond that period, you would need to renew your license or subscription on an annual basis. It’s important to review the terms and conditions of the software provider to understand the exact duration and renewal process for updates.

Yes, currently, there is a one-year contract for the software with an option to renew it annually. Users can choose to have the software for the long term as per the terms of the contract. This provides flexibility for users to continue using the software beyond the initial contract period by renewing their subscription on a yearly basis.

Lipika’s software is cloud-based, which means users do not need to install anything locally on their devices. Once users have a subscription, they can access and operate the software through a web browser. This eliminates the need for installation and allows users to utilize the software’s features and functions directly through the web interface.